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A former oddsmaker working for a major Sportsbook and Casino in Las Vegas, Roger McConnell, was already an expert of the sports betting industry before he decided to turn against Vegas and sell his sports consulting to the public. With almost two decades of experience working for the books, Roger is one of the most reputable, consistent, and successful sports handicappers in all of sports. Once he decided to cut ties with the major Las Vegas Casino's Sportsbooks he began his own sports consulting service, RMC Picks. It didn't take long for him to announce his introduction to the sports betting public. McConnell first made national headlines when he had the longest College Football winning streak ever by beating the sportsbooks for 14 straight weeks. His College Football and NFL picks are still considered the standard for consistency in modern sports handicapping. 

RMC has been featured in national publications such as Yahoo Finance, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Inc., Bussiness Insider, and many more. Considered to be the best documented sports investment firm in the country, RMC has made headlines numerous times over the last ten years with multi-million dollar wagers they've won for their clients along with some of their own analysts having some success in their own right. Known to many as the sports investment firm for the elite and connected, RMC has since gone mainstream and opened its doors to a whole variety of clientele wishing to make a fortune betting on sporting events.

RMC has finished in the top 3 for online documented handicappers in the NFL Regular Season for 4 out of the last 5 years. In NBA, the RMC team has won an incredible 69% of picks over the last 5 years. It's that kind of sustained success and return on your investment that has helped RMC reach the word wide status it owns today. Sign up above for a free consultation and start winning tonight!

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